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Jan 15, 2015

Building modern web applications using Visual studio 2013

Recently I was reading new things about Visual studio 2013, I found following interesting training and article on How to build modern web applications using
  1. Power of Clouds   - With the power of clouds create your own app free with the use of latest Andoriod, IOS technlolgies.
  2. What's new for ASP.NET - What is new Visual studio & it's features
  3. Download Visual studio commuinity   - Any individual developer can develop his/her favorite app. It gives a classroom learning environment, you can contribute to open source and many more.
  4. Web developer tools and tips  -  Learn new web features including and see the direction of web tools. 
  5. Entity Framework - Get Sneak preview of 6.1 what's coming in Entity framework and learn the latest feature of entity framework
  6. Team Foundation Server - you will love it new team foundation features. e.g. Manage your agile board, team collaboration and testing.
  7.  Happy Coding!!!


Jan 7, 2015

How to convert C# List into XML Object

Here I am going to show, how we can convert a List object(C#) into a XML object .   In my below code I am calling one service method which return List of employees  ID and then I will convert that list to XML Object.

void button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

serviceNameClient cli = new serviceNameClient();
 List<int>a = new List<int>(cli.EmployesIds());

 //Now Convert into xml

 DataContractSerializer dcs = new DataContractSerializer(typeof(List<int>)); MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream();
  dcs.WriteObject(ms, a);
  ms.Position = 0;
XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();

Dec 20, 2014

Introduction to Filter in DataSet

When you are using Dataset and your dataset is full of employee list. Sometime you want to filter a specific records based on employeeid and department code, here you can use DataSet select command. DataSet is disconnected from the data source, it is often impractical and resource-intensive to re-execute SQL commands to perform these actions.

Code Snippet
  1. DataSet dsQueue = GetMyEmployeeData();//return employees
  3.         DataRow[] row = dsQueue.Tables[0].Select("EmployeeID = " +
  4.             emmpIdVariable + " And Department ='" + deptNameVariable + "'");
  6.         if (row.Length > 0)
  7.         {
  8.             //Matching rows found
  9.         }
  10.         else
  11.         {
  12.             //NO matching rows found
  13.         }

Sep 9, 2014

How to load XML data in HIVE

Here are the simple steps to load XML data in your Hive .
  1. 1. Login to your Hadoop system and follow the below steps.
  3.  Check table in hive(for confirmation)
  4.     Select * from XMLEmployee-  or
  5.     type  Desc XMLEmployee at hive prompt

Aug 24, 2014

Hadoop Introduction

Hadoop (Apache Hadoop) is a world's best data management system to store and process the largest data( in distributed environment (Cluster), specially for unstructured data or Big Data for e.g. Data from social media such, Govt Data, Weather forecasting etc. Hadoop is good for storing large or Petabytes of data and it is not designed for Real time or low latency queries. Since 1990 Storage capacity has grown exponentially but read speed is not up to the mark, so Hadoop is the solution. In Hadoop 100, 200 drives are working at the same time and can read 1 TB of data in just 2 or less than 2 minutes.  Its a Open system and used by many big clients for e.g. Facebook, Linked In, Google, Yahoo & Indian Govt to process their AADHAR card(A unique Identity for their citizens).

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