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Dec 9, 2010

Connected and Disconnected Environment in

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Definition: In Connected environment user or application is constantly connected with data source. DataReader & Data Adaptor are the example of connected example in .net and DataSet is the example of disconnected environment.
In Connected environment, data is always current and updated, but they lead to network traffic. Application performance issues in the applications are very common.

In Disconnected environment, things are totally opposite, user will connect with the data source only to retrieve the data. When the data needs to be updated, connection is re-established. User faces the data issue like data is not up to date.
Connected Classes structure
  • .Net Data Provider
    • DataAdaptor
      • Select Command
      • Insert Command
      • Update Command
      • Delete Command
    • DataReader
      • Command
Disconnected Classes structure
  • DataSet
    • DataTableCollection
      • DataTable
      • DataRow Collection
      • DataColoum Collection
      • Constraint Collection
    • DataRelation Collection

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