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Nov 1, 2011

FIS Interview Questions. for .Net

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Interview was very cool, and the interviewer's knowledge was also up to the mark. was a normal interview, they started with personal details for example tell me something about your self,
why are you looking for change, what is your roles & responsibility. Then they started technical stuff as below
  • What is Garbage collector
  • Explain the Generations in Garbage collection
  • Difference Between Finalize & Dispose Method.
  • What is Suppress Finalize
  • What is Difference between Value Type & Reference Type
  • String is a value type or reference type
  • What do you understand by Stack
  • What is View State 
  • What is Singleton Class
  • What is abstract class
  • How to print a string in reverse order
  • How you can create a class as singleton
  • Explain the 3 Normalization rules
  • Let's say you have have to create the order-details forms, how many tables do you required.
  • What is Lembda expression and tell me the scenario when you can implement

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