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Nov 11, 2011

Tutorial: What is .Net Component

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Dot Net framework has following components 
  • CTS
  • CLS
  • JIT 
Common Type System: in .Net: With the help of CTS your program of two language can communicate easily In .net. It is responsible for cross language integration, so that a c++ programmer and vb6 programmer can run their program in .Net. It sets the rules that every language should follow so that all code which are written in different languages can communicate with each others. Now developer can use data types as per their language choice, when your program will run compiler will convert those data types to equivalent Common type.

Common Language System (CLS): It is also the feature of CLR, by implementing this rules all languages came into single roof and they can communicate with each other. CLS is just a guideline. It is the subset of Common Type System.

MSIL (Microsoft intermediate Language)/IL (Intermediate language): When you compiling your program, compiler compile your program into another machine independent code which is known as MSIL or IL. Basically it contains the details of program loading and initializing details of your method.

JIT (Just in Time): JIT now compile your IL code to machine or CPU specific code. It belongs to .Net runtime environment. It doesn’t compile the entire code in one go. When you make a call to your program then your program will compile. .Net has three types of JIT as
  • Pre-JIT
  • Econo-JIT
  • Normal-JIT

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