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Nov 11, 2011

Tutorial: What is .Net Framework

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.Net framework is new platform for developers. It is a set of technologies which enables a robust and secure platform for developer so that they can build stunning & secure applications.

It gives a language neutral platform so that developer should not be worried for his/her favorite language. If you knows C++, Java, VB you can enjoy the same experience with .Net Framework and if you don't know anything .Net welcomes you from the bottom of the heart. Presently it supports 22 languages and C# or C sharp & VB.Net is most favorite choice of .Net developers. You can build different types of applications such as windows, web, mobile & remoting applications. You can build web services also. Net framework is known as Managed Code.

.Net framework is divided in two parts
  • CLR - Common Language Runtime
  • BCL - Base Class Libraries
CLR: .Net Framework is based on CLR or you can say it is the core part of .framework. It have lots of features such as Memory Management, code execution, code access security, code verifications and many more.  CLR is the foundation of everything. It directly interacts with OS. If you are a java programmer then you can compare CLR with JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

BCL: Base Class Library contains classes for common functionality such as Data Connection, string operation, File handling etc. Microsoft introduces a set of library classes to expose the common functionality such as System.Data,,, system.math etc. You must know the namespace of each class before using. .Net introduced few common namespace which are specific to a particular application such as

  • To Building a Web Page - System.Web.UI
  • To Build a WCF application - System.Service.Model
  • To Build a Web Service - System.Web.Services
  • To Build a Win Form - System.Web.WinForms
  • To Build a windows Service - System.ServiceProcess
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