Basic Concept of Data Structure

Basic Concept of Data Structure


The data structure name indicates itself that organizing the data in computer memory. We all know about array, it's a collection of memory elements stored sequentially one by one. Just like an array, there are also several ways to organize the data in memory.


Primitive Data Structure

Primitive Data Structure simply means that, which have primitive data types. i.e int, char, float, char, pointer. The most important part of this data structure is it can hold a single value.

Non Primitive Data structure has 2 types

  1. Linear Data structure
  2. Non-Linear Data structure

Linear Data structure

Arrangement of data in sequential manners and purpose of this used for Arrays, Linklist, Stack, Queue. In this structure, one element is connected to only one another element in linear form.

Non-Linear Data structure

When one element is connected to multiple numbers of elements is called a non-linear data structure. In this data structure elements are arranged in a random manner.

Example: Tree, Graphs

Graphical Representation: 2.png

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