What is python, why python is so popular and how to install the python?

What is python, why python is so popular and how to install the python?

What is python?

The World's fastest growing programming language. Solve complex problem in less time with fewer lines of code.

Why python is so popular?

Example : Lets say we want to extract first 3 characters from Hello World Below are the example of C#, JavaScript & python

 C# : str.Substring(0,3)
 Javascript: str.substr(0,3)
 Python : str[0,3]

See how short and clean language is it. Here are few other reason why python is so popular

python 2.PNG

High-Level language so you do not need to worry about the complex task such as memory management like we do in c++

Cross-Platform which means you can build & run python application in windows, Mac & Linux

Huge Community: It has a huge community So whenever you will get stuck let someone out to help

Large ecosystem it has a large ecosystem of library frameworks & tools which means whenever you want to do something it is likely some has done this before.

Plus Python has been around over 20 years So in a nutshell Python is a multipurpose language with a simple clean, and beginner-friendly syntax all its mean python is awesome.


There are two version of python out there
1 python 2 Legacy version of python and it is going to supported until year 2020 2 Python 3 which is python for the future and this course you are going to learn python 3

How to install the python?

Open the browser and go to python.org click download link to download the python. I am using the 3.8.5 version. Once download is complete open the download folder and run the python-3.8.5.exe file.

python 4.jpg

Please check the "Add Python 3.8 to Path" checkbox So you can run the python globally.


After successful installation now lets verify we have installed python properly if you are on window, in search bar type "cmd" which is short for command prompt. in command prompt type "python" you can see successfully installed python version 3.8.5 now to exist press ctrl+Z and enter

python 6.png

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